Not all concrete structures require protection from the seepage of water or other fluids, but those that do require a properly installed PVC waterstop in and along their concrete joints, there are  different types of waterstops, the chemicals used to make it, the pros and cons of different construction materials and waterstop types. The concrete joint is the most likely point of leakage and PVC waterstops are uniquely designed to prevent this.

The main usage of PVC Waterstop and PVC Waterstop intersections is to prevent the passage of liquids in concrete joints in many different projects such as Dams, Tunnels, Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants, and other liquid retaining structures.

Aubert Pipe & Profile Solutions supply a wide range of PVC waterstops and intersections to aid you in your next construction project that requires prevention of leakage alongside concrete joints and walls.

Some information on a technique used to apply PVC waterstops:
Tools required to weld PVC waterstop: Knife, Small right angle, Jigs for holding, Waterstop small wire brush and welding blade.

  • Cutting the PVC Waterstop should be exactly 90˚ from the edge of the waterstop. Ensure to make a very straight cut.
  • Dry fit the two ends of waterstop after cutting them straight using carpenter’s right angle, to see the ribs and center bulb meet absolutely straight and flush.
  • Jigs should be fixed on both sides of the waterstop to keep the section straight and to get a better grip on the PVC waterstop.
  • Put the waterstop welding blade straight between two ends, and press the waterstop together, after putting the power switch on for the welding blade.
  • When the blade is heated for 2-3 minutes, getting a 4 to 5 mm melted bead along the profile of the waterstop.
  • Take out the welding blade and make sure to hold the two ends of pvc waterstops together for a few minutes for the joint to cool down and get a straight welded joint.
  • There are several ways to check the integrity of the welded joint.

For complete range of PVC waterstop sizes and various PVC waterstop intersections, contact Aubert Pipe & Profile Solutions in Boksburg

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