PVC Waterstop and PVC Waterstop intersections

Not all concrete structures require protection from the seepage of water or other fluids, but those that do require a properly installed PVC waterstop in and along their concrete joints, there are different types of waterstops, the chemicals used to make it, the pros and cons of different construction materials and waterstop types. The concrete joint is the most likely point of leakage and PVC waterstops are uniquely designed to prevent this.

PVC Strip Curtains

Aubert Pipe & Profiles is a supplier of PVC strip curtains in various sizes and colours. With more than 10 years experience with PVC strip curtains, we can assist with various technical issues, able to clearly identify the best solution for environmental control through PVC strip curtains, in terms of performance, efficiency, environmental impact and thus return on investment. We have demonstrated and applied these to many customers.

Dragline Hoses

MEGAFLEX Dragline Hoses present a cost effective, high pressure PVC hose specially designed to provide reliability without compromising on the quality standards expected from a robust hose.

With summer heading our way, the perfect hose to keep your garden watered throughout the season. These dragline hoses are suitable for small, medium and commercial sized gardens – perfect for Bedding Plant Nurseries.

Heavy duty garden hose

The MEGAFLEX Heavy duty garden hose is ideal for greenhouse, nursery, farm, agricultural and general open end water discharge applications. With it’s strong durable and flexible, no-kink, design… there is no other ideally-suited heavy duty hose around.

Offering all the benefits of a robust yet highly flexible hose, the MEGAFLEX Heavy Duty hose is suited for the higher demands of complex garden landscapes consisting of multiple surfaces and applications.

Megaflex Premium Economy garden hose

The MEGAFLEX Premium Economy garden hose offers best-in-class quality and a lighter mass per kilogram at an affordable price for use in residential applications. The Premium Economy range is available with or without fittings in 12mm and 20mm diameters, 20m and 30m lengths, and a working pressure of 7 Bar (700kPa).

Megaflex Standard Duty

The MEGAFLEX Standard Duty garden hose is designed for ultimate stability and pressure-resistance, making it the ideal flexible hose for lawn and garden use. The Standard Duty range offers a working pressure of 7 Bar (700kPa) and is available with or without fittings in 12mm and 20mm diameters. Coil lengths available in 15m, 20m and 30m lengths.

HDPE Pipe Jointing

One of the greatest features of HDPE pipes is the fact that a wide variety of jointing systems is available to suit a whole range of applications. The jointing systems can be divided into permanent jointing and detachable jointing.
The schematic below illustrates the available systems.