The MEGAFLEX Heavy duty garden hose is ideal for greenhouse, nursery, farm, agricultural and general open end water discharge applications. With it’s strong durable and flexible, no-kink, design… there is no other ideally-suited heavy duty hose around.

Offering all the benefits of a robust yet highly flexible hose, the MEGAFLEX Heavy Duty hose is suited for the higher demands of complex garden landscapes consisting of multiple surfaces and applications. The Heavy Duty garden hoses offer a working pressure of 10 Bar (1000kPa) and are available without fittings in 30m and 100m coil lengths with a 12mm or 20mm diameter.

MEGAFLEX offers a range of hoses for multiple uses
•    YELLOW: Premium Economy
•    ORANGE: Standard Duty
•    BLUE: MEGAFLEX Heavy Duty garden hose
MEGAFLEX garden hoses are recyclable
UV stabilised to withstand harsh weather conditions
Flexible, no-kink, quality garden hoses
A date stamp on every hose stripe indicates the date of manufacture and the design life of the hose
MEGAFLEX garden hoses are available with or without fittings

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